Pre-Request Scripts and Tests for Flows

I have been attempting to use flows recently and the ability to generate a web hook immediately that triggers a series of task is great, but the inability to run any scripts is a hammer to the knee of its abilities. Is there any expectation that this function will be added to flows and if so, what does that time line look like.

Hi @nategerman

Tests and pre-request scripts will run on requests in flows. However, there are certain things that are not supported, such as updating environment/collection variables.

What tests/scripts have you been trying to run that aren’t working?

I was initially trying to run a hash for an authorization request, but I was unable to move the hash that was generated in the pre-request script, because you can’t update environmental variables. As an alternative, I was attempting to run a postman echo request that would return the hash, but every time I run the flow, the pre-script request doesn’t seem to run. Where there should be a JSON object, it’s null.

Screenshot 2024-01-10 at 4.51.33 PM

Hi @nategerman

Thanks for the additional context. We are working on a better way of achieving things like this.

I believe what you are trying to do with postman echo api is achievable using the GET method and url variable instead:

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