Example request not showing up in documentation

I have made a request with an example that looks like this

However, in the documentation (also seen in the figure), the example request is empty.
Why is this? I would like the request URL to show up there.

I found a fix. If I put the Body of the example as “raw” instead of “none”, then the example request shows up. Does this make any sense?

I am glad you found a workaround for you purposes. There however should not be anything in the example request as there is no BODY being sent in a simple GET request. That is the reason that there is no Example Request shown.

I am afraid I have to disagree. Because now, the example request shows up again. And it looks like it had done before. What is shown in the example request is now:

curl --location --request GET “https://epidev1…”
–header “API_KEY: dad…8”

Which is exactly what I wanted there.