Error when importing the NAB API Collection

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Can you expand on the information here, please? Are you trying to import that Collection from the API Network? Is there a specific error message that you’re seeing?

i have attached the ss

error=Something went wrong while importing

when i m trying to import the particular collevtio=API Network Exploration: NAB API | Postman Blog

i am getting this error

Hey @flight-architect-783 :wave:

The link created and placed in that documentation has expired, the owners were contacted to inform them that links will expire, if these have not been used in over 30 days.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a solution that I can get you that will make that import work :cry:

do you have any alternative of nab api collection on postman?

There’s nothing that I can find that’s similar on the API Network.

What you could do, is visit their Developer Portal:

Each of the sections has a Swagger file option, that can be directly imported into Postman and the endpoints with be there for you to use.

Here’s an example of what I was able to see when I imported the file into my Workspace:

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