Error: Parse Error: Header overflow

I changed all node version still I’m in the same error please help me I’m not using newman

Try changing the version again. Happened to me the same. Change version to lower. NPM too

Hello, I am having the same problem. Is the suggestion a downgrade of the version? I’ve had one more update since this error started to appear.

This is Postman v7.25.0.

An important detail is that it only occurs to me when I run requests for a local application…

I’m sorry, I was using the wrong version (v7.25.0). The problem was corrected in the following version.

Now, following more details of my environment with this problem solved:

  • Postman v7.26.0
  • Node v14.3.0
  • NPM v6.14.5

I hope I was able to help.