NEWMAN-only Parse Error: header overflow [errored]

Hello, after extensive research I think it’s the first case like that in the internet:


When I’m running my collection against Identity Server using POSTMAN they are running smooth and perfect but after exporting and running from NEWMAN I’m getting this error visible on the screen.

The request causing error is POST request with application/x-www-form-urlencoded and in form data I have state and id_token (first 859 char, second 1644 char). The NEWMAN fails on making the request itself. I know it cause the server works against the browser, against POSTMAN and the request works in NEWMAN when I put shorter, fixed strings of data (but obviously server gives response about unauthorized call)

Anybody has any idea how it may be solved or how to find out if it’s a bug? In the source code I didn’t see much about logger.

I tried:

  • Running via API, via Powershell, via POSTMAN API
  • Tried putting fixed strings into those variables (same variables but put manually cause this error, shorter work)

It seems like NEWMAN fails to make the request because of the size of the header? Or maybe it’s something with encoding/exporting to collection? Any ideas? If so, maybe clues on how can I fix it? Should I open a bug on the newman repo?

Has been solved.

SOLUTION: Changing version of node to lower < 10.15