Parse Error: There seems to be an invalid character in response header key or value

I’m using postman to make REST API calls, but on the very first POST call, I’m getting an error. The same when run from cURL command line, it works fine.

The error say: Could not get response “Parse Error: There seems to be invalid character in response header key or value” …When I look in console, it says: Error: Parse Error: Invalid header token.

Really appreciate if someone can assist with getting resolved this. BTW, I’m running postman version v9.15.2

Hey @spacecraft-astronau3

We might need some more information and a few visual clues (screenshots) about the Headers you’re using in the app :joy:

It’s hard to help when you don’t know what they are :joy:

Headers added (masking sensitive info)

For context, why are those being used in the Headers?

What’s the CURL command you’re using?

Do you need to add them in the Authorisation tab as Basic Auth instead and let the helper auto set the header?

The above is the curl command that works perfectly fine with 200 OK

Also, tried with Basic Auth, but came back with 400 (Bad Request)

Can anyone from the group assist with how to get this issue resolved ? Would really appreciate.


Error could be because of extra spaces in your header values. clear those and try again.