Error during submission in Postman student expert program

I have been trying to resolve these problems from past 12 hours but could not seem to find the cause.
Can someone please help?

How does that independent request, relate to the student expert collection and submission process?

I am facing problem in submission of my collection in student expert training program. Should I post it with some other tags?

Everything that you need to complete and submit the collection - should be inside the Student expert Collection, that you have forked.

I’m not seeing how the images you posted are related to that Collection.

@clairefro Something that you can help with here? :pray:

Hi! In order for us to diagnose the issue, please share a screenshot of your full error messages in the response. Can you also please share your JSON link?

Also, I suggest you remove the screenshot above that reveals your email, for your own privacy

This is my JSON link for student expert collection:
These are the errors I am getting in the response window:-

Any updates regarding the problem?

Hi Priyanshu,

Checking the JSON link I can see you’ve submitted the “Student Expert” collection to the Intro to APIs and Postman course. This is the incorrect collection. The correct collection should be about books, as outlined in the instructions for the course. Please follow the instructions in Postman Academy “Intro and APIs to Postman” to build the collection that is expected here.

I am facing exact same issue.
Did everything still the error persist

Hello priyanshu,
Can you help me out.I am facing same issue.