Error code: 403 message Method don't allow unregistered call

I’m trying to test Google Cloud API key on postman, GET method - I’ve already have a Google account and API key, I’ve enabled API key in Google Meet -

I’ve passed the API_KEY parameter in the (Headers) tab, also in the Authorization tab I’ve changed the authentication type to (API key) and put the value of API key

But in all cases I’ve got the same result, the error is

** “error”: {**
** “code”: 403,**
** “message”: “Method doesn’t allow unregistered callers (callers without established identity). Please use API Key or other form of API consumer identity to call this API.”,**
** “status”: “PERMISSION_DENIED”**
** }**

So what’s the mistake in the steps I’ve done to get the response from Google cloud?

Hi @mission-saganist-166. Welcome to the Postman Communtiy.

I will recommend you ask on a Google Cloud discussion or community forum, or SO, as I believe you’ll get more help there. This question isn’t specific to Postman.

However, it looks to me like your “Key” value “API_KEY” could be the culprit. Please confirm in the docs that this is the expected key and if it should be all uppercased. Additionally, Google APIs generally tend to use OAuth 2.0 for authorization, which usually includes a clientID and client secret pair alongside some additional parameters necessary for a successful OAuth. It will be helpful to check if you’re using a valid, non-deprecated authorization scheme.