Using API key in authorization getting 401 error

Hello! I’m trying to use POST method to add new info to API but have a problem with authorization.
Using API key in authorization I getting 401 error.

Could you please help? What can be the issue? And what can I do to avoid this error?

Can you confirm the key name is “id” or “token” for your API value

How do you know that it should be id?

Are you following some documentation for that API, if so, can you share a link to it.

I don’t know the implementation of that API but I wouldn’t expect that value to be id.

It looks like the key is API-Key which can be used in either the request header or in a query param.

If you take the curl at the top of the page and in Postman, open Import > Raw text it will create the request for you. You just need to fill in the blanks.

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Thank you Danny Dainton! You are the best! All is working!

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@danny-dainton You deserved a medal