Getting error "message Unauthorized" - but not able to resolve it

Hi…I am a newbie college student and need some urgent help in running an API. I am trying to test it via postman but I am getting errors so need help in configuring. The API call I need to make is Create a talk. The API developers have given me the following Authorization details - "Your API credentials:
API key - bHRpY3VsdHwuY29tcHJhbmF2Lm11VyYWxAZ21haW
API secret - pQaE-ceDi3nFzUNNzoYi

How to use them?
Add to the messages authorization header:
Authorization: Basic bHRpY3VsdHwuY29tcHJhbmF2Lm11VyYWxAZ21haW: pQaE-ceDi3nFzUNNzoYi" (I’ve changed the API key to hide secret). Can someone please tell me how to setup this test request in Postman?

Also when I am trying to test it using Curl as below, what is the mistake I am making? as I am getting the below error
curl --request POST --url
–header ‘content-Type: application/json’
–header ‘accept: application/json’
–header ‘authorization: Basic bHRpY3VsdHwuY29tcHJhbmF2Lm11VyYWxAZ21haW: pQaE-ceDi3nFzUNNzoYi’
–data ‘{ "source_url": "Dropbox - MummyMugshot1.jpg - Simplify your life" }’

Error Message
curl: (3) URL using bad/illegal format or missing URL

Add the API key and API secret to an environment or collection variable.
For example API_KEY and API_SECRET

Create a post request to

In that post request, go to the headers tab and set the content-Type and accept headers.

Finally, add the authorization header.
The value can point to the previously saved variables.


In the request, copy and paste the body. (It should be set as raw\JSON).