Setting to output Header Content in Generated Code Snippets

Until recently, whenever I’d generate a code snippet of a call to share with a colleague, the request Headers and their values were generated as part of the code. (cURL)

Now all I see is the endpoint with no Headers generated and I don’t see a setting that controls this, am I missing something?

Note: This is referring to non-Postman specific headers

That is true. If you have headers defined as part of each request it will be generated as part of the cURL request. A couple of gotchas that always trips me:

  1. Save Request - A lot of times I haven’t saved the request and the headers / values aren’t reflected.
  2. Header Quick View - I have the hidden header quick view open and assume these will be shown in a snippet request (they won’t).

Make sure you haven’t fallen into these traps, and you should be good.

Hey @mwilkinson

If you’re running into this problem on the latest version, there is a known issue with the Headers showing in the code gen snippets.

It’s been fixed and will be out in the next release but in the meantime, deselecting and then reselecting the headers should make them show in the snippet.


i still encounter this issue, missing header Content-Type when exporting the collection. Current version v7.28.0, any news?

Hey @suryawono

Welcome to the community!

It might be worth explaining your exact problem you’re facing, in your own context.

Not all problems are the same so I want to clarify what you’re seeing. The more specific information you can provide the better.