Embed web documentation in another site


I’m not sure this is possible but I’m hoping there is a way to embed a postman API collection within another site. A basic iFrame embed does not work due to CSP and I tried to use the “embed” options within Postman but that seems to only generate the button. Am I missing something or will my best option be to just redirect the user to the actual documentation page?

Hey @mike.garuccio. You can publish the documentation to a custom domain you own. Refer to the documentation here.

Hi, has this changed? I don’t want a custom domain, I’d like to either embed or do a reverse proxy (/api).

Curious if this is has been addressed. We’d like to embed the documentation but embed, iframe…etc. is denied from postman.

Any changes here?
We would also like to embed the documentation under /api rather than a different sub domain.