Edit the Authorization Tab not updating the header

I want to create a collection of request to automated a series of postman test. All my request authorization are set to “Inherit auth from parent”. However, when I edit my parent’s authorization to “Bearer Token” and value "{{myVariable}}. My request still don’t have the Authorization headers, i’m trying to find a way to “force refresh” the headers. Can’t find anything.

Tried clearing the cache and reloading, tried restarting the PC, tried creating a new Request from zero. It always worked correctly. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong today.



how can i solve this problem

Hey @aerospace-technolog8 :wave:

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Which version of the platform are you using?

I’m unable to see the issue here and I can see the Request’s Auth updating if I change or edit the Auth type at the Collection level.

If possible, could you share screenshots or a short video showing the issue?