Duplicating the last request in a test

I have a case where I’m trying to re-issue the previous test with slightly different variables so that I can compare the 2 responses. My specific case is that I have a request that has a skip/take parameter for records. I want to increment the skip by 1, do a second request and then verify that I’m getting similar records, but that they are offset.

My problem is with trying to re-issue the request with a different body. It appears that this should work:

var requestBody = JSON.parse(pm.request.body.raw);

    var bodyCopy =  Object.assign(requestBody, {skip: requestBody.skip+1});
    var requestCopy = Object.assign({},pm.request);
    requestCopy.body.raw = JSON.stringify(bodyCopy);
        //do assertions here


But it doesn’t seem to do the trick. Is there a quick way to re-issue the previous request with slight modifications, without having to totally deconstruct and reconstruct it?