Same request, multiple test cases

I have in mind to use Postman as a contract testing suite. I’ve run into a scenario and I’m not sure what the idiomatic Postman-y way of solving it might be.

Suppose I have a sequence of requests something like:

  • POST to /someResource should return a 2XX
  • POST to /someResource a second time should return a 4XX

In essence I want to make the same request twice but the response should fail after the first success. This would be to enforce a business rule like “only one member of this resource can be created”.

The challenge is I’m not sure how to implement the tests. At the moment I’m thinking of a couple options:

  • The simplest would just be to duplicate the request body with a different test script. I don’t love the duplication of logic this would encourage
  • Another option might be to somehow parameterize the test assertions and use setNextRequest to iterate through different scenarios. Intuitively this feels a bit klugey so I wanted to check in with community to see if I’m missing a clearly better option.

Would one of these be an expected approach? Is there a third option I’m not aware of?


Hey @alex.denton,

Reading through the first part of your message, only the two options you gave came to my mind.
For what it’s worth, while the first option will duplicate the requests it will also make it easier to monitor/debug as well as making improvements to it later on if needed.