Does the latest version being hacked?

when i nmap my server ,postman started a port 15611, run a websocket service ( ogar server)(game server?)
http:// IP:15611 display upgrade required
is this OK? previous version no this .

@VIPPP This websocket server is being created by Postman for usecases related to Postman Interceptor. (You can read more about it here). It can be used to capture requests from browser to Postman app via this WebSocket server. This is also a local interface with encrypted messages and communication on this server should not be happening until Postman Interceptor extension is installed.

ATM, this websocket server is created upon Postman App start. We’ll make changes in future version so that users can disable this server from setting if they do not wish to use the Interceptor feature. And also, provide more details around what this server does.

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