Executing sync requests programmatically from a pre-request or test scripts

Hello Postman team,

We are using Postman to automate a broad number of requests. Sometimes we need to query an API programmatically, wait for its response, process it, and then proceed depending on what we have received. Most of the time these types of checks and requests are best made programmatically and do not warrant another request to be made in the collection as it is to be considered a dummy request and right now we have a lot of them for other reasons, so adding more is not an option as our collection would become bloated with dummy requests. Having said that, the async pm.sendRequest() isn’t cutting it in that case.

Is there a limitation as to why there’s still no possibility to send sync requests from scripts? I mean, before exiting Postman’s requests still have to wait for the pm.sendRequest() to finish anyway so we are blocked during its execution, still, we are limited by the async pm.sendRequest() working, well … async, so it is useless when we want a strict flow of execution in the scripts.

Thanks for your time in reading this. I’m looking forward to your reply.

PS: If I’ve missed something out, please forgive me. Advises would be much welcomed!

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Hi @tmladenov_atos,

Is this just about control flow aesthetics and avoiding “callback hell”?

If so, you can use async/await style JavaScript syntax in the Postman Sandbox. It just requires a little hack. The Postman Sandbox detects open timeouts and intervals and awaits execution until they’re all cleared/resolved. If we use a dummy Interval object, we can use async/await to have a cleaner method of chaining asynchronous calls.


const _dummy = setInterval(() => {}, 300000);

function sendRequest(req) {
    return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
        pm.sendRequest(req, (err, res) => {
            if (err) {
                return reject(err);

            return resolve(res);

(async function main() {
    const result1 = await sendRequest('http://postman-echo.com/get');
    console.log('result1:', result1.code);

    const result2 = await sendRequest('http://postman-echo.com/get');
    console.log('result2:', result2.code);

    const result3 = await sendRequest('http://postman-echo.com/get');
    console.log('result3:', result3.code);


Hope this helps.




Hi @kevin.swiber ,

You are absolutely correct, it’s all about flow control and avoiding the callback mess. :grimacing:
Yesterday I’ve tried to use Promise, but I didn’t know about the trick on using timeouts and intervals, so the requests executed one after the other, async / await, but still, they were async and broke the execution flow.

So, that’s clearly some insider knowledge right there, which is much welcomed!

Thanks a lot, Kevin!