Deep integration with Postman

I’m the creator of, an error logging and uptime monitoring solution for .NET web developers. I have a feature where people can download a failing HTTP request as a curl command. I know that a lot of my users are using Postman, why I want to hear if anyone have experience with creating a deeper integration. The optimal solution would be that the user clicks a download link on my site and my service generates a file that Postman understands. When the user opens the file, Postman takes over at all of the information needed to re-create the HTTP request is already in the file.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

Hi @ThomasArdal - if you have a curl command, you can import that into Postman:

I’m going to close this topic since it looks like there’s some similar scenarios already posted, but feel free to pile on to those threads. Or create a new topic if those don’t address your use case.

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