Change body encoding to iso-8859-1

I’m testing our API with Postman. Our server expects iso-8859-1 in the data. But when I send Swedish characters in the raw body it is sent in utf-8. Can I change this?


Hi @jens
Try setting the content-type header to:

Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-16


Thank you, that is a good advise. And I tried it before posting. But it doesn’t work. Postman ignores that when it comes to the data stream being sent.

I used wireshark to examin the packets and when I send the character “ä” in the XML raw body with charset=utf-16 in the header it’s transferred as c3a4 which is utf-8 but when I send it from my application with utf-16 encoding on the stream it is correctly sent as 00e4 (utf-16).

Actually when I test further. I realize the problem is only appearing when I use charset ISO-8859-1. that is ignored by the postman client and utf-8 is used instead