Difficulty in getting corrrect response from GET request after entering Bearer token

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My question:
My bearer token is correct and ive also included the header. But my GET request still won’t work properly even after logging the user in. How to I get it to work?

Details (like screenshots):

How I found the problem:

I’ve already tried:
I tried registering another user. But the required response message isn’t appearing

Hi @sharvarijoshi

Not sure what the issue may be but perhaps you could clarify a few things.

You send the “login” endpoint and email and password, which is how you get the token?
You then use that token as a header value to check the “secured” endpoint to try and login?

Simple things to check:
Is the account (related to the Email and password) valid/locked?
Is the Authorization tab set to use “Bearer Token”?
Are the localhost endpoints up and running?

Save the token as a collection variable (you can use this: pm.collectionVariables.set(“accessToken”, pm.response.json().token); )

and then in you header you have the Auth value be Bearer {{token}}.

That will stop the chance of any mistakes from copying and pasting the access token in to the header value.