Diff finds too many "differences"

When I compare one version of a collection with another one that I saved earlier today, the diff tool that I’m using tells me that I made multiple changes in the collection, when in fact I made a change to only one call. I’ve tried this with several diff tools, and the problem seems to be the way Postman is tracking changes. It’s telling me that in the most recent version of the file, I changed several APIs I didn’t change recently, although I did change them several exports/check-ins ago. Is there a glitch in the way Postman tracks changes?

Hey @cmagadieu,

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It’s a little tricky to visualise what’s happening here.

Would you be able to expand on what you’re seeing please - An image of the errors or anything else that might bring this information to life?

Hopefully, with that additional information we will be able to help you out. :slight_smile:

I made one change to a collection; I changed “Easter eggs” to “aliases”. I then used Bitstream’s diff tool to compare the current version of the JSON file with the previous version.

In the first screen shot, the “aliases” change was identified correctly. However, the diff tool also indicates that several other changes were made in the JSON file; you can see a few of them in the second screen shot, but there were many others. The problem is not the diff tool, as I have tested this with several diff tools. Postman seems to be hanging on to information about changes that were made to the file several versions ago.

I see that you also created an Issue over on our GH tracker.

Are you able to also update that issue with this extra info please, it will help to triage process. :slight_smile: