Did Flows go away after upgrading to 10.x

My question:

Where did Flows go? They seemed to be replaced with “Flows is Coming Soon” but I had already made complex flow in the previous version.

Details (like screenshots):

Screen Shot 2023-02-20 at 11.39.05 PM

Im on Mac OS 12.5

How I found the problem:

I upgraded to10.10.6, but as you can see from my screenshot I once had a ability to make a flow.

I’ve already tried:

@technical-geoscien12 - can you send me your email address using this form? Postman Flows Early Access

PS: It will be super amazing if in the section of form “How do you want to use Flows?”, you can mention this thread.

I have version 10.12.6 on Windows and Linux. Some accounts have flows visible some don’t. What is this about and how do I get it in the account I need it in?