Default Auth on API Generated Collection is "No Auth" rather than "Inherit". Why?

Why is the authorization on requests created within collections generated from API set to “Inherit Auth from Parent” rather than “No Auth” ?

I’m running 7.20.1
I’m creating a new API from swagger.json file.
I then generate the collection “XXXX” as a Test Suite.
The authorization settings seem to be non-idea.
Collection - auth setting is “No Auth”
Root folder - auth setting is “Inherit auth from parent”
Requests in folder - auth setting is “No Auth”

I edit the collection and set auth to “Bearer Token” and set the token to {{token}}
The root folder and all sub-folders now say “Inherit auth from parent” with message “This folder is using Bearer Token from collection XXXX”

Unfortunately, every request is still set to “No Auth”.
If I create a new request in any folder, it’s set to “Inherit auth from parent”.