Calling setNextRequest

Reading it states that setNextRequest can be used in pre-request or test scripts. I have included a call to it in a function defined in the pre-request script for the collection but called in the Tests script, butit doesn’t seem to have an effect. Is this the expected behaviour?

In the pre-request script for the collection I have

Object.prototype.testResponseSpecifyResponseCode = (pm, responseCode) =>{

    if( condition)

and then in the Test for each request I call the method. IT is executed but when it executes the setNextRequest(null) it continues to execute requests.

Hey @ceepan :wave:

Could you expand a little more of this workflow please?

You have your example code above, in your Pre-request script and you’re calling that function after the request execution, in the Tests script?

Hi Danny

The abbreviated example is within the pre-request script of the collection to make it common reusable code. I call the function testResponseSpecifyResponseCode from the Tests script in each request. However, the call to postman.setNextRequest(null) doesn’t stop the remaining request in the collection being executed. However if I add postman.setNextRequest(null) into the Tests script it does.


Hey @ceepan,

From what I can see and the little local version of your code I had running, you need to also pass in the postman arg into the function. Just like you have with the pm arg.

Object.prototype.testResponseSpecifyResponseCode = (pm, postman, responseCode)

Then add that to the function args on the Test script.


If you have nothing in there using the pm set of APIs, you could just change that to postman instead.

Thanks Danny. You were spot on.


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