Creating test in Postman from Swaggers

Hi, I have to test a site at work Online Casino | and I don’t have any API documentation except swagger cause mostly we test manually and I want to ease my work by creating automated scripts/tests.

I’m beginner with Postman and I want to ask how can I write tests, maybe I can use dev tools in Chrome. I imported swagger collection to Postman and tried to create an account but query params doesn’t appear in url when sending a request…I have no idea what to do next.


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What to test will all be dependent on the context of your API and what you feel is important enough to create a test for, to continuously check an expected outcome.

Testing in Postman is done in the Tests sandbox at the Collection, Folder or Request level.

We have various pages over on our learning center that will help you to better understand this part of the platform:

There is some great information here from @vdespa around creating tests in Postman, the app is a little older to be content is still useful.

Happy to help with something more specific if you wanted to share some more information about what you’re trying to do.

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