A question of creating tests and then re-use them

Hi everyone,

I´m new with Postman and this is my first post so maybe this question is already addressed and has a simple solution.

I’m developing my Rest Api with API Gateway. In order to test it I export the swagger file with compatibility with Postman, then I create the test within the collection and lastly I use the runner to test them all. So far so good, but when I create a new version of my API in Api Gateway and then export it to Postman I have to re-write every test. So my questions: is there any way to reuse the test that I already wrote within the new version of the api?


You could write the tests within a folder or collection. That would execute them for all request added inside it.

Thanks @shamasis, you help me to understand a solution. I can save all my tests in folder or collection and then add or change whatever is new when I get the new API version. It is a bit manually but it has sense.