Creating a simple api call - no body in response?

Hey! I am very new to coding and need help with a very basic issue. I am using Postman to make the following GET request which is successful (200 OK) but empty:

Why is this? I am attempting to follow these api docs:

Your patience and guidance is appreciated!

Hi @jablokology,

Welcome to the community. :wave:

The empty response (200 OK) seems to be expected behavior from given API endpoint you provided. (

According to the given docs - there is no schema for the responses (empty) when given API endpoint is hit - only status 200 OK is specified for that API.

Thank you for your reply and your welcome Suraj.

I realise I chose a bad example, a better one would be the following which has a response schema:

To hit this API endpoint succesfully please change the base URL:


So your url/endpoint will look something like this:
-> (Please see the attached screenshot for the example response on hitting this endpoint)

  • The base URL changes when diffrent API’s are called - see attached screenshots to understand better.

Changed base-URL:

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That is incredibly helpful. Thank you Suraj for taking your time to explain that to me. I am not sure why the other base url is not responding in the same manner, perhaps I will ask the development team for assistance.

Thank you once again.