Creating a Postman Flow with Delay to Facilitate GPT Actions

I am trying to create a flow where the response time from IEX API is 1000ms on average, hence to tackle that, my idea is to:

  1. Make a POST request to the IEX endpoint.
  2. Delay for 1000ms and save the response in a variable2.
  3. Make a GET request to another method/endpoint to use the saved variable2.

How do I update this flow to handle this? How will I fetch variable2 using the GET Request Node?

The challenge is to adjust the flow to manage the delayed response and to correctly fetch and use variable2 with the GET request node. The final endpoint should return the actual response, as saved in variable2, rather than just an acknowledgment of the run. This is essential for the proper functioning of the GPT Actions.

Below is an example response which we expect to be the response(in variable2):

“event”: “6625f7a7d07094077db06eb5”,
“timestamp”: 1713764263855,
“state”: “processing”,
“message”: “A flow run has started for this webhook call”

I need guidance on how to update the Postman Flow to handle the delayed response and effectively use variable2 in subsequent API calls. Thanks


Welcome to the forums!

When you call the IEX API, the Send Request block will not send the “success” port output until we received a response from the API, so there should be no need to wait. Whatever you’re going to be doing with the response from that API can be hooked up directly to use that response.

Flows does not (yet) have the ability to return a response from a webhook call other than an acknowledgement that the run has started because everything is processed asynchronously.

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