Could not get any response on GET (MAcOS 10.14.4)

Running Postman 7.1.1 and not able to get a response. Have turned off SSL and have my Proxy setup as Use System proxy.

The error message tells me:

You are trying to open a link using a non-standard protocol (HTTP/HTTPS). Are you sure you want to continue?


When I check in /Applications/
no such folder structure is present


Do I have to setup a manual proxy and not use System proxy?!

Hi @FrankC

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Would it be possible for you to send across the screenshot once you open the Postman console after running the request? The third icon on the bottom left of the footer is the Postman console icon to be clicked.

Hi @Frankc,
It looks like the environment variables BP_SERVER and SRV_FRE_ID have not been resolved. With reference to the first screenshot shared by you, click on the dropdown where the text is mentioned as “No Environment” and select the appropriate environment where you have populated the environment variables BP_SERVER and SRV_FRE_ID and then send the request. Environment%20Variable%20Location|690x390 .