Postman workspace not loading. Showing offline error

Postman workspace not loading. Showing offline error whereasmy internet is working properly

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Has this now been resolved for you?

If not, would you be able to provide more information about your current setup and if you’re using a VPN or a Proxy?

Long time Postman user, started building in it again…

I’ve built a simple three operation Collection and an Environment for a customer. I went to share it with them and made the mistake of logging in.

Now I can no longer access the operations or the Environment as Postman says I’m offline.

Every time it tries to load, it goes into a perpetual loop. If I clear the cache, I can see my list of operations but still can’t load them or the environment.

This is a continuation of my thread on twitter:

And the Collection is painfully simple:


I can’t work out if your problem is that you can’t login, or can’t see your Collections if you don’t login. Which may or may not be the same issue that the original poster of this thread had.

In order to access Collections, you will need to login and import the collections.

There are numerous threads on here about that change so I’m not going to discuss the reasons why here. It is what it is.

If you don’t want to login then you will not be able to use Collections which now requires you to be logged into a Postman account.

You can use the scratchpad which does not require you to login, but you will not be able to run collections. You can only use it for individual requests.

The data is not lost, you can still export it.

Hey @caseysoftware

I’ve raised this issue with the team to try and get some additional information about what could be happening here.

One thing it could be is the websocket connections, you could be fine logging in and doing some basic operations but some of the connections could be getting blocked and would prevent you from completing other tasks.

There is a page on our learning center that could help here:

This is just a guess from my side, once I hear more from the team, I’ll be able to share a better answer :pray:

I’ve logged out/in numerous times and flushed the cache too.

I just reinstalled from the ground up and still hitting the same problem.

Right now Postman is getting in the way of productive work. I’m going to give up on using Collections, Environments, etc and find a different approach until I hear otherwise.

Are you able to see any difference in the behaviour using the web platform or VSCode?

Web appears to work fine.
I don’t use VSCode so haven’t tried.

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That’s good to hear - just a point on using the Web platform. Certain types of requests will need to use the Postman Agent.

I just recorded a 2 minute clip stepping through my issue and sent it to you -@danny-dainton - via private message. Feel free to share it internally for review, debugging, etc as there’s nothing sensitive visible.

There’s no audio and the “ABC” thing on the side covers up a couple files that aren’t relevant.

I hope it’s informative.

Was any solution given? I may have the same problem.

The only solution ended up being “just use the web version” and my desktop client is still dead. It’s okay and I can accomplish what I started but Postman isn’t something I can count on anymore.

And I never heard back from my video, not even a “thanks” :expressionless:

Thanks!! I appreciate your response!! Have a great weekend. :slight_smile:

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