Collection tabs not Populating when Clicked

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When I click a call from within a collection the call is not populating in the viewing pane. I can right click and select ‘open in tab’ and it populates just fine.
This would not be a major problem but I believe this is also carrying over to my variables environment. I am unable to pull up the variables when I click ‘edit’ from within the quick look menu. This is preventing me from updating variables manually, which seems to be required now as my collection variables seem to drop to null occasionally for some reason.

I am on the most recent build.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled.
Others on my team do not seem to have this issue.

I’m at a loss.

Hi @eric.lapatka - that sounds really frustrating. I’m not sure why that’s happening–could you submit a support request?

I’ve submitted support request 77626. There is an attached video file showing the functionality as well.


Awesome, thanks for doing that. Hoping it gets sorted out quickly :crossed_fingers:

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