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I am trying to import a large collection into postman. The import is failing and I am certain that it is related to file size. This leads me to my question.

Is there a collection file size limit in place for imports?


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Whatโ€™s the size of the Collection that youโ€™re trying to import into Postman? Are you seeing a specific error message that is getting displayed?

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The collection is about 15mg. It is quite large because it contains a range of base64 encoded pdfs. These are used to exercise the boundaries of a document submission endpoint that my team is developing.

The only error that I am seeing is a notification stating that the import failed. Please see the below image for details.


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Iโ€™m having the same error, collections of about 250 Mb, 160 Mb and 80 Mb. Iโ€™m not able to import them.


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This is for a Mock Server Body, which is different to the question posed by @asdf123

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