Collection shows summary of EndPoints rather than just end points, where is the setting to change?

I want to see all end points which are easy to locate, but for me after importing API in postman all I see is sumamry for each end point. Really hard to lcoate the desired one . Please help if there is any setting to change that

Hey @mitrpathak

Are you able to provide an example image of what you’re currently seeing, please?

Just want to make sure that folks know exactly what you mean and can offer some guidance :smiley:

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Hi there, guys!

@mitrpathak I think I get your point.

It’s about Naming requests. The way that Postman determines how the requests inside the generated collection will be named after importing.

If I get that right, when you are importing a new API into Postman, you will find a collapsed panel “Show advanced settings”. Expand it and that will be the first thing you should see.

There are 2 options, Fallback (the one you get by now) and URL (the one you want). Just make sure to pick URL and hit Import button. Voilà!

Here is a screenshot to make it clearer.


@dannydainton thanks for the response. Sorry for the late reply. This time I was lucky and got my answer. Next time I will try to be more precise and provide example screenshots as well.

@marlon-qa :slight_smile: thanks for saving me from my daily headache