Collection Runner - This request does not have any test

Hello, I have a question I have some test and am using a csv file to provide data, this csv has a colum called category I want some test to run only when the data has the category user

this is what I have in the test:

if(data.test_type == "happy_path" & data.category == "user")
pm.test("Status code is 200", function () {;

else if(data.test_type == "unhappy_path" & data.category == "user")
pm.test("Status code is 422", function () {;

the tests work the way they are supposed to work when I use the runner but when the data doesn’t have the category user there is just a blank space like this

the test are working but is there a way to not show “This request does not have any test” every time uno row of the csv doesn’t have the category user? because there is a lot of empy tests

Please don’t.

Split the csv file into two, ones with and without categories, and create appropriate requests and tests for each. It might be the same actual request with different tests, but name the request appropriately so its easy to understand in the reports.

It’s not a great pattern relying on IF statements to run tests. I loathe to say its not best practice as that’s subjective but that is where I’m going with this.