Collection Runner does not keep settings

If I start the collection runner and select a collection I can set the environment and a data file (here in csv format) . Additionaly “save responses” ist checked. Then I can click the “Run …” button and the system tests well.

If I restart Postman, the fields are not set anymore and I have to select the environment, data file and the check box again.

The second thing is, if I set the environment, the data file etc. and if I switch to another collection, the settings will persist. I i change it and switch back, the new settings are now valid for the first collection.

My question:

How do I save the settings in Collection Runner in general and perhaps related to a specific collection?

Hi @heisenberg0815

Unfortunately as of now, saving settings of the previous collection run isn’t possible. But I would recommend you to try Web-version of Postman (Beta) which should help you to view the results of the previous collection run (in History Tab) and also give you an advantage to “Run again” with the same settings.

This screen-record should help you in getting started with the same :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issue.

Although you guys don’t think this is an issue?

May I ask why would you think we’d want to set all our settings again every time we use runner?