Collection Runner prevents environment variables from being updated


There’s this collection I’ve been using for a while that stores part of the response of a request using pm.environment.set(key, value).

Earlier I tried adding another part of the response into another environment variable, and realised the entire collection was unable to update the environment.
EDIT: This is when the collection is run from the collection runner. IF the requests are sent one by one it is fine.

The weird thing is that the first collection continued to run at all despite needing up-to-date environment values for the requests to clear. So it’s like it was using another phantom environment, which I don’t know how to do.

Is there a parameter somewhere that I might have missed? Or is it related to the update ?
Thanks for any hints, I might have to recreate a few collections otherwise.

Can you provide some visual examples of the issue, so that we can see where the problem might be?

Another thing to ensure is that you’re collection and the requests are saved (no orange dots in the tabs) before running the Collection again. The Runner will not know about those changes unless you save them, it will continue to run the old values.

Oh yes i have done the mistake of not having saved a request properly before, so I made sure this was not the case here before posting.
Alright for visuals, here is the last request from my collection

This EventListenerId is the result of a previous request, and must be up-to-date to function properly, which is what I mentioned previously.
the last two pm.environment.set are there for this test.
If I run this collection, no error from lack of eventListenerId, but none of the environment variables change .
I realised that if I send the requests one by one (without the runner), the environment is updated properly. This is highly impractical though.

Tried the runner on another computer with an older version, then in another workspace and the result was the same.

(edit: messed up a bit with a previous edit and duplicated the post accidently, so i deleted one)