Collection Monitor - Error: socket hang up

Hi guys,

after configuring and running a monitor it comes back with an “Error: socket hang up”. Everything is working fine for me when using the Postman Collection Runner on my local machine. Also, I know this endpoint is available via the internet.

The monitor’s console log reads as follows:

Line Number	Timestamp	Console Output
1	18:21:38	Error: socket hang up
2	18:23:50	Error: socket hang up
3	18:25:33	Test Collection 2 started
4	18:25:33	Request 1
5	18:25:33	GET
6	18:25:33	Error: socket hang up
7	18:25:33	Failed: Status code is 200
8	18:25:33	expected { Object (id, _details, ...) } to have property 'code'
9	18:25:34	Test Collection 2 finished

Can anyone point me to a solution?


We have been seeing similar results randomly in our tests.
It very intermittent and across most collections.

I am curious if there is an answer for this as well.

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i am also facing this issue