Changing the Response Body Format

When receiving a JSON response, I change the format of the response to JSON to make it easier to analyze. However, it resets to HTML every time I receive a new response. I wish it would stay JSON until I manually switch it so that I can examine responses faster and more efficiently.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Submit a request that gets JSON data back
    (**Note: one of the headers for this response was “text/html” however it was JSON formatted and I still wanted to view it as JSON data by default)
  2. In the response body, click “Pretty” and change the format selector to “JSON”
  3. Submit another request that gets JSON
  4. The format selector has changed back to “HTML”

Expected behavior
I would like the format to remain JSON until I manually change it, or for JSON formatted data to be interpreted as such even if the header does not state that it is.


App information (please complete the following information):

  • App Type: Native App
  • Postman Version: v7.3.3
  • OS: Windows 10

Hey @mericleac,

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There is a setting that you can use that will keep the language set to JSON rather than it trying to automatically set it, based on the response headers.


Thanks! This is very helpful. Will this be available for XML, HTML and Text as well? I only see the option for JSON currently.

If I understand from your use case, it feels like the API endpoint that you’re interacting with isn’t returning the correct Content-Type header.

Is this a public API or something that you have more control over?

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Hi @danny-dainton

I’m having the same problem described above. In my case, I don’t have control over the generated response Content-Type header. It comes as a custom value, something like “application/productvendorname.v3.0+text;charset=ISO-8859-1”

I would like to make Postman “map” that content type value to JSON. Is is possiblem?
I even tried setting the visualizer to a json document, but I failed. I also tried using the test sections to se the response Content-Type header value to application/json but that seems to be readonly.

I would really appreciate any ideas.
Thank you so much,


thanks this is really helpful. every time setting up the required format for response body is some how a little time taking as well as mundane especially when you know all your apis response type.