Default response Body format, or auto-determine by content

I’m running requests where the response is typically XML, but sometimes is HTML or text (rarely JSON)… and every Send, the format is reset to Text, I think because the response has an empty Content-Type.

Before I figure out how to refactor my inherited code, I’d like to just have the Body response format to stick with my last-selected format for the request, or let me set a fallback for the request, or have it notice that the response starts with <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> and auto-select XML, or starts with an HTML opening tag (like DOCTYPE or html) and select HTML, etc…

I found a language detection setting in Preferences (Mac) that lets me select Auto or JSON (though having a selection of JSON makes the name of the setting - “Language detection” - sound silly, since I’m telling it that it’s JSON so it doesn’t need to try to detect the format, just parse it as JSON), but that of course doesn’t apply to the Response format… unless it does… and if so, there’s no XML selection anyway.

Can someone straighten this out for me? Maybe I’m misreading something… but it seems I’ll either have to refactor my code to send the correct Content-Type based on the message (which could take hours, days, or weeks), or I have to select XML each time to be able to easily read the response.