Is there a way to increment a parameter in the url and get all the results


I just started using postman and playing around with api’s.
I’m currently working with this get request:

Which gives a list of the datasets and their activity on the QLD open data portal, however there’s a limit to how many rows are shown, which is 11. To see the next set of results you’d have to change the offset parameter to 11 in the url.

Was wondering if there’s a way such that the offset parameter can be incremented and i can get say the first 1000 results in one go?


Hi @postmanmatt123123, Welcome to the community!

The offset parameter is used to offset the rows i.e. take the rows after mentioned number i.e. 11. now the next result set will start from row number 11.

Can you please check for any limit parameter in your API documentation? If yes, specify the limit parameter to the max value, that is allowed.

Another way is, if the API limit is 10 rows per call, then you have to call API 100 times by specifying the offset, i.e. for the first call it will be 0, second it will 10, then 20…30…40… 990. Then you have to combine all the data programmatically.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: