Why would certain tests be skipped in collection runner?

My collection is composed of 7 folders and each folder has about 7-8 postman requests. For some reason that I can’t figure out yet, some tests are being skipped and entire folders are skipped.

I have nothing in the test script that will skip requests. I expect everything to run in the order it appears in the collections. Would tests having the same name be an issue? Thank you.

Hey @ameenjafferie

Do you have any .setNextRequest() commands in any of the pre-request scrips?

This could be at either the Collection, Folder or Request level.

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It’s not that issue was invalid use of .setNextRequest() - I have a postman request with the same name in a few folders.

Good to know to have somewhat unique names when utilizing that method otherwise it will jump tests!

It’s good practice to have unique names for your request, but you can also call the request by it’s UUID (which will be unique) just in case you do have a valid reason to have multiple folders with requests with the same name.