Can't get a result page after submitting form-data to POST request

Hi everybody,

I tried several times, to get a search form results page without success via POST. I get the search form page for response.

Here are the form content :

================================================== form #1 ==================================================
{‘action’: ‘event-chercher.php’, ‘method’: ‘post’, ‘inputs’:
[{‘type’: ‘hidden’, ‘name’: ‘textDescriptifDefault’, ‘value’: “Texte de l’événement”},
{‘type’: ‘hidden’, ‘name’: ‘textThemeDefault’, ‘value’: ‘Catégorie’},
{‘type’: ‘hidden’, ‘name’: ‘year1Default’, ‘value’: ‘Année’},
{‘type’: ‘text’, ‘name’: ‘textDescriptif’, ‘value’: “Texte de l’événement”},
{‘type’: ‘text’, ‘name’: ‘textTheme’, ‘value’: ‘Catégorie’},
{‘type’: ‘text’, ‘name’: ‘year1’, ‘value’: ‘Année’},
{‘type’: ‘text’, ‘name’: ‘year2’, ‘value’: ‘2020’},
{‘type’: ‘submit’, ‘name’: ‘buttonEnvoyer’, ‘value’: ‘Rechercher’},
{‘type’: ‘submit’, ‘name’: ‘buttonEffacer’, ‘value’: ‘Effacer’}]}

And here how I have configured Postman :

Anyone have a tip please for this one ?

Thanks a lot !

Are you sure that’s the right url?

Are you expecting a json result back? If everything was working, what would you expect to see?

Allen, thanks for your answer; i’m pretty sure for the URL.

Here is the search form page : /event-chercher.php
Here is the search result page : /event-resultats.php

What I’m expecting is the search results datas (like those displayed on /event-resultats.php after a search) in JSON or HTML format - it doesn’t matter, I’ll rework the datas format after that)

Thanks !

Is this your webpage?

Do you know if this API is public?

Unfortunately, no. Neither is my website nor API is public. Begin to think that’s my first problem, more than technical problem !

Yeah, if it’s not a public API, then you won’t be able to access it publicly :slight_smile:

Crap ! Guess I’ll try with a scrappy script. Thanks for your answers !

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