Mock Match Request Body Form-Data Possible?

Hey all, I’ve been trying to setup a mock example to match on for a POST with a form-data body. Even when I reduce this to a single key with a single character text value it never seems to match. Using the same key and value in x-www-form-urlencoded works fine, but all I can get with form-data is “mockRequestNotFoundError”.

Do mocks with form-data work at all? I’ve tried a number of different searches which don’t seem to give an actual answer so anything remotely definitive about it not working would be greatly appreciated. If it is supposed to be working then any kind of link to documentation that speaks specifically to the use of form-data or an example would be lovely.

Any info on how I’d fix my issue if the scenario is possible would be a bonus. Right now I’m more concerned with whether trying at all is a waste of time.

I’ve got the same issue. Can you find any solution?

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