Can you 'lock' a workspace?

When you create a public workspace that others have access to.
As the owner, can you ‘lock’ the workspace to prevent any accidental changes?

The theory being that if you locked the workspace to prevent changes you could then only make updates by either ‘unlocking’ from the workspace settings menu. Or by forking your own workspace and sending yourself a pull request.

Does anything like this exist currently?

If not, does anyone else think a feature like this would be useful?

I guess the question would be when you say others, do you mean guest to the Public Workspace or Team Members.

While a Public Workspace is Public, the workspace can only be modified by members of your account depending on the permissions you set for the workspace.
Depending on your Postman plan, will also impact how granular you can set the permissions.
Here is a good article which includes a section on Version Control for Public Elements - Better Practices for Git Version Control in Postman | Postman Blog

Thanks for the link, some interesting things in there, I will definitely have a read up.

To clarify what I mean by others;

So if I make a public workspace, and random people access/fork that workspace (Consider Lost in Space or 30 Days of Postman workspaces for example) …
What stops me (as the owner/admin) from opening up that workspace, forgetting to fork it, and then making changes that break it, stopping it from working for other (random/public) people.

I know the simple answer is “Don’t screw up your own work”… But catering for human error, I wondered if there was a way to lock it from changes.

Then, to edit etc. you could unlock it by entering your password or clicking a button that says “are you sure you want to alter this public workspace”.

I get that this may not be to everyone’s taste, but the option to pick and choose when you lock a workspace would be great in my opinion.

Hope that makes sense?

I think the article will help answer that.
The solution is to not work in the Public workspace.
Instead, the master lives in a team workspace that you then fork to the Public workspace.
Then, the only way to update those collections is to merge changes.

If you have a CSM at Postman, they can help you further as well as you explore options.

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That makes sense, just need to change the way I currently work/think :rofl:
Thanks for the info!

Hi, thanks for the tip. I will take a look once I am back. Right now, I am on a vacation. I will take a look in few days.

This what I was doing is not finished yet.