Can I import independently produced markdown files into Postman?

My question: Independently of Postman, my company has been hosting a portal where they publish all their documentation around API use. This goes well beyond just what could be in an OpenAPI spec. It includes all sorts of theoretical documentation, getting starteds, workflows, and so forth. These are all markdown files stored in a Git repo and published to our customers.

Is there a way to intercept these ready-made markdown files into a Postman documentation set?

How I found the problem: I’ve only just started playing with the possibilities of documentation through Postman. My company has not been using it up to now.

I’ve already tried: I’ve already seen how an OpenAPI spec can be imported into a Postman documentation set. I’ve also played around with copy-pasting stuff from the markdown docs into the Postman markdown editor. That works, but it only allows me to attach that information into an existing OpenAPI spec, rather than have it imported as external but relevant context. It also messes up the navigation structure we have with that external doc.

Thanks for any advice.