Call from app(mac) is timing out while from cmd works well

hello everyone!

I am trying to make http call from postman for Mac and getting “ETIMEOUT” while performing cURL from iTerm or just accessing from the browser it is working.

it is a simple GET call that replies with health status, no Auth for this API.
I can’t share the details of the call.
it sounds like postman is not behind the same firewall as the computer.
when I read online I see things like:

  • Try to remove postman-token header
  • Try to change content-length header
  • Try to copy as cURL from network tab
  • Try to disable ssl verification

all of the above didn’t solve the issue.
Thank you!

Hi @naorsh. Welcome to the community forum.

After how many seconds do you get this timeout error and what agent are you using to make this request?

I am not sure what do you mean by agent, agent header is User-Agent: “PostmanRuntime/7.39.0”

the request is timed out after 90 seconds

I was referring to thePostman Agent but that’s not very relevant since you experience this both on Desktop and on the web application.

Can you help us by sending your application logs to Response might be slower as the team is currently at a company offsite. But we’ll get to it!

Done. I’ve sent the logs to the support team.

BTW, other team member with older version 10.17, got this call to work on his mac machine. all windows machine are working fine.

Thank you for sending in the logs! This could be an issue specific to your account.

We’ll have a look!


This is not related to my account this valid for all Mac users in my team except the one with versions 10.17 :slight_smile:

Hope it gives you better idea.