Building a test strategy

I’m building a backend API for an app that requires logging in. I’d like to build test cases of a sequence:

  1. create account
  2. confirm account
  3. log in and get access token and refresh token
  4. create an app widget
  5. add a thingy to the widget

For each step, I want to test some successful cases and some failure cases (like password doesn’t meet complexity requirements).

I’d like to create more than 1 user account and do some success tests with some users and some failure tests with others. I want to ensure that widgets created in account A can’t be seen from account B.

I already have a collection with simple calls to my API but I don’t have them strung together in sequences.

What the general strategy for approaching this type of testing?

Hi @nogginboink

Have a look at postman.setNextRequest();