Automating API Synchronization b/w Postman & AWS API gateway


Hi Postman Community,

I have successfully connected my APIs in Postman with AWS API Gateway by following the guide provided here. However, Iā€™m facing an issue with keeping the APIs in sync automatically between Postman and AWS API Gateway.


  1. API Creation and Deployment:

    • I create and manage my APIs in Postman.
    • I export these APIs and deploy them to AWS API Gateway.
  2. Desired Automation:

    • I want updates made to my APIs in Postman to automatically reflect in AWS API Gateway.
    • Similarly, any updates made directly in AWS API Gateway should automatically reflect back in Postman.

Current Issue:

  • When I update my APIs in Postman, these changes do not automatically update in AWS API Gateway.
  • Conversely, any changes made in AWS API Gateway are not automatically reflected in Postman.
  • This requires manual steps to synchronize the APIs between the two platforms, which is not efficient for continuous development and deployment.

Steps Taken:

  • Followed the guide to connect and deploy APIs from Postman to AWS API Gateway.
  • Verified that the initial deployment works as expected.


Is there a way to automate the synchronization of API updates between Postman and AWS API Gateway? I am looking for a solution or workflow that can ensure that any changes made in Postman are automatically deployed to AWS API Gateway and vice versa. Any guidance or recommendations on achieving this would be greatly appreciated.


  • AWS API Gateway
  • Postman API Key and AWS credentials are correctly set up

Thank you for your assistance!

Best regards