Saving results with newman -r cli,json already tried

Hi everyone,
im sitting in front of a interesting issue.
Im supposed to automate some postmans test cases with newman and C# code (C# is for the programm we use to automate Ranorex).

I solved the issue so far that i just make a command line proccess with all needed information that i sent via my c# code.

Now the test case i work on right now has as acceptance criteria that the postman result that what you see in the bottom part of postman below the for example 200 ok Code.

I looked through a couple of post including some in this forum and all tell me i should use run “postman_collection.json” --insecure --folder “Download config from the eNB” -r cli,json --reporter-json-export.

To export and save the result as a json file. But when i use this code it just saves me the entire collection and some weird numbers like 10k lines of numbers and not the expected result being a json file with diffrent configuration listed of the target system.

I hope anybody can help me figure this out. I have to go to bed now its 2am i dont think my half asleep mind is able to fix that today myself.

jasmin nagel

Hi @jasminnagel. Welcome to the Postman Community!

This is a weird behavior, do you experience the same when you try to run the whole collection as opposed to running a single folder in that collection?

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