Auto Select Single Request When Dragging Into Runner

When setting up an instance of the Postman Runner, I frequently deselect all requests in a collection, then re-select the single request I wanted. I set up a handful of runners daily, so what would otherwise be a minor annoyance adds up to a bit of frustration. Postman is a pretty well-polished product, but my feature request would add a bit more much appreciated polished.

My request is to have the runner only select a single request when dragging and dropping a request from the collection tab in the sidebar. The current behavior is that all requests in the collection are selected. I can already accomplish this, though, by dragging and dropping the collection folder instead of a request within it. Having the behavior differ between dropping collections and dropping requests seems intuitive to me.

Hey @wesley.schlenker

I can see that you have opened a new feature request for this, much appreciated. :trophy:

Our app tracker is the best place for all the things like this, just saves it from getting lost in the threads of the other topics raised on the forum. :pray: